Conversations at the Wedding

by Party Accident

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Debut album from Party Accident, a musical collaboration between Simon Moss and David Morgan resulting from a chance meeting at a friend's wedding


released June 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Party Accident Birmingham, UK

Party Accident is a musical collaboration between Simon Moss and David Morgan resulting from a chance conversation at a friend's wedding.

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Track Name: Lights in the sky
All alone upon the hilltop
Time passes by
Little bit high
In the corner of my vision
Lights in the sky
Catching my eye
Was it real or was it fancy?
Only you decide
But that something happened to me
Cannot be denied
Strange sensations overcame me
Lost all sense of time
Losing all of my perspective
In this dream of mine
Air was filled with sound and colour
Knowledge filled my mind
They called me friend they called me brother
Said they had a sign
In my mind

Saw a vision of the future
The Earth was ringed with fire
They showed me how we could prevent it
Aiming to Inspire
Was it real or was it fancy?
I could not decide
Suddenly the picture vanished
Nothing left behind
in my mind
All alone upon the hilltop
Little bit high
Wondering why
It was all a fading vision
Lights in the sky
Gone from my eye
In my mind
Track Name: Smart
You know that you’re clever but it seems a curse
Cos it gets their attention and just makes it worse
You want to be normal cos you’ve got no friends
It seems like the bullying will never end
Don’t go speaking your thoughts out loud
Cos it’ll only set you apart
You don’t want to stand out from the crowd
So don’t let on you’re smart
You’re good at your schoolwork but it makes you sad
And deep down inside you just want to be bad
You ain’t got it in you to break the rules
Why can’t the girls see that they’re the fools

You enjoy the lessons but you’re full of fear
You must try to make it to the end of the year
Your whole life’s ahead and this is only school
You’ll soon find it’s better to be clever than cool
Now school is over and you finally see
The world’s full of people like you and me
You did your exams your results are great
The next step is college and you just can’t wait
There’s no doubt about it, it was hard at school
With a small bunch of thickos who loved to be cruel
But where are the bullies who made your life hell?
They’re serving your burger and your fries as well
Track Name: Insecurity
I got a woman who’s treating me right
I got a feeling the future is bright
Cos I got a woman who makes me feel good
And I ought to be happy I know that I
Should be contented and know she is kind
but nagging away at the back of my mind
I got this feeling that something is wrong
And I’m feeling weak when I ought to be strong
cos I got a woman who says she loves me
But she’s so good looking and thinks I don’t
See all the looks when she walks in the room
I’ve got to believe she’ll be leaving me soon
I’ve got a woman it’s hard to believe
I’m feeling so lucky bit I’m not that naïve
I know from experience it won’t be too long
Before I spoil it all when I come on too strong
Oh I’ve got a woman it just isn’t fair
Cos I ought to be happy but instead I’m scared
I know that I love her and I think she loves me
But deep in my mind I know how it will
Be cos my jealousy grows till I cry
It won’t be too long before I can’t say
I got a woman
Track Name: Supernatural
The sun has gone and now the moon is shining bright
But in my heart the world has turned to darkness
I hear the werewolves howling in the night
And I’m so scared it’s turning into madness
Oh since you went away I’m suffering a curse
I see the strangest things and it is getting worse
I don’t know what to do so I must ask you first
To please come back to me
I see the ghostly shapes coming up the stairs
And in my head the ghostly word are spoken
I see the vampire’s teeth but I don’t really care
Cos since you left me my whole world is broken
I should have listened when my friends said you were strange
Of other men whose lives had ended badly
You saw me flirt and flew into a jealous rage
Your eyes flashed bright and your spell was upon me
If you would just back the fear would disappear
I wouldn’t have to spend my life curled up in fear
This living hell would end as soon as you are here
So please come back to me
Track Name: Projection
I always wonder
What do they see?
What is imagined?
What is their view of me?
The image on the wall there for all to see
What does it say, say about me?
Colours and sounds what do they collect?
From the image I project
Is it my capability?
Or is it stupidity?
I don’t know
To me it is a mystery
Listening out for any clues
Picking up on audible cues
Overheard comments would suggest
My image quality isn’t the best
Overly praised
For simple results
Which should be easy
For most adults
How low is expectation
How low is the bar
Should the reward
be a golden star?
Track Name: Mr Briggs' hat
You're going to kill
More than time today
You're going to cause
Terror on London's railway

You'd better be careful
You must remember that
Don't leave behind
Your black beaver hat

You see your victim
Mr Briggs a city gent
Against your youth a violent attack
The old man couldn't prevent


Trapped in his compartment
You stole his watch and chain
You bludgeoned him and robbed him
And threw him off the train

His injured body was very soon found
He passed soon after that
In the carriage police did find
Blood and a beaver hat

They thought the hat belonged to Briggs
But that wasn't true
Because the hat belonged to the killer
And that killer was you, you, you

You have been careless
No disputing that
You left behind your own headwear
And took Mr Briggs' hat

You sold the chain to a jeweller
Who later identified you.
Soon the police had tracked you down
And wanted an interview.
The net was quickly closing in
But how you must have cursed
You boarded a ship bound for New York
But Scotland Yard got there first

Tried and hanged for murder
You should remember that
The vital piece of evidence
Was picking up his hat

Don't forget your hat guys, don't forget your hat
Track Name: The City
The Captain steers his ship between the rocks and guided by the stars lands safely in the port of New Mumbai
Within whose city walls a million people live beneath the ground protected from the glare of both suns in the sky
And deep within this crowd a telepath reads wealthy minds extracting secrets he may later pass on to his friend
A cybermage who plays the keys her aim to undermine the corporate masters as they sit and watch their profits rise

Inside the city science and magic reign
Inside the city telescopes skywards strain
Inside the city laser competes with spell
Inside the city traveller and wizard dwell

The captain sits on the inside
Of Eddie’s bar a place to hide
His pirate crew stand at his side and drink
He contemplates his whiskey there
And thinks of treasure in his lair
The pirate crew deserve a share they think

Inside the city the bar staff are pretty
The crew are acting loud and tough
They haven’t nearly drank enough
Inside the city it seems such a pity
The crew came in without a care
And leave most of their fortune there

The telepath stands by the door
The captain’s thoughts he listens for
The details of the treasure store inferred
And when the thoughts are at an end
A present for his magic friend
The details of the trove he’ll send to her

Inside the city the banter is witty
But drunkards will let secrets slip
The details of their pirate ship
Inside the city when night lights are lit he
Listens to the tipsy minds
His living earned from what he finds

The cybermage receives the gift
Of information she can sift
The Captain’s bank account she swiftly plunders
And while she searches through the net
She stumbles on a secret kept
Is there a greater profit yet she wonders

Inside the city her calling is risky
Following the money round
Her aim to bring the network down
Inside the city although it seems tricky
The firewalls fall before her art
As she strikes at the city’s heart

The Captain and his crew awake with throbbing heads and guided by an eerie light walk out through New Mumbai
Arriving at their ship they board and firing up the engines set course between the two suns in the sky

Inside the city traveller and wizard dwell

Inside the city

Within the walls of New Mumbai the actions of the night before will soon conspire to change a million lives
Track Name: Mist
By myself all alone
Contemplating what to do
I need some time to think
Tonight without you
Without you

Into the darkness all alone
Only the moon for company
Gloom descends around my soul
A dense mist surrounds me

Into the darkness into the night
Chasing shadows along the street
Listening out for signs of life
Seeing you in everyone I meet
Everyone I meet


Listening to whispers from the past
Surrounded by my memory
Pictures come and pictures go
Nothing to hear and nothing to see
Nothing to see


The image resolves itself
The whisper becomes a shout
The mist clears the gloom brightens
Darkness lifts and light shines out
Light shines out
Track Name: See the light
Safe in your tower
You can see how we cower
Drunk on your power
While the rubbish we scour

Surely this cannot be right brother
When you gonna join our fight brother
Can’t you see that things are tight brother
When you gonna see the light brother

Take all you need
And I’m sure you’ll succeed
Live on your greed
While the rest of us bleed

Are you listening to our song brother
Can’t you hear that we are strong brother
Surely we can’t all be wrong brother
Are you gonna sing along brother

We’ve heard all the lies
Now we’re opening our eyes
It’ll be no surprise
When the masses arise

Are you listening to our song brother
Can’t you hear that we are strong brother
Surely we can’t all be wrong brother
Are you gonna sing along brother
Surely this cannot be right brother
When you gonna join the fight brother
Can’t you see that things are tight brother
When you gonna see the light brother
When you gonna see the light
Track Name: Waiting for an answer
When I ask a question why does it take days?
For me to get an answer why the long delays?
Why don’t you answer is the fault all mine?
Did I say something wrong did I cross the line?

Do you even understand my pain?
How I wish that I could explain
Waiting for you is hurting me
Waiting for an answer I never see

Did I word it badly did you understand?
Or did you think I’m being underhand?
Each incoming message I instantly view
Hoping beyond hope it’s the one from you


It burns me from the inside minutes like an hour
And hours feel like days you have all the power
I wonder if you realise how this makes me feel
I wish I could dismiss them but these feelings are real

Please tell me even if it’s no please what do you say
You don’t have to face me I’ll simply move away
Can’t continue like this can’t endure the pain
Can’t leave you again but I cannot remain

Did you even understand my pain?
How I wished I could explain
Don’t believe you could see
Waiting for you was hurting me
Waiting for an answer I never see
Track Name: Learn to bleed
So you changed your mind and you want me back
Where you gonna find all the things I lack?
So you’ve got it planned for a brand new start
Don’t you understand how you broke my heart?

I can tell that we’re falling in love again
Both of us feeling the need
Won’t it be fun when we’re falling in love again
I hope that we’ve both learnt to bleed

Now don’t get me wrong what we had was great
So I’ll play along so I’ll take the bait
Yeah I’ll bide my time so you think you’ve won
And while you think it’s fine maybe have some fun



Now you’ve settled in I can start the game
Once you made me hurt now you’ll get the same
Did you really think with all the things you said
That I’d take you back and not want you dead


There’s no way that we’re falling in love again
I’m just not feeling the need
I’ll just pretend that we’re falling in love and then
I’m gonna teach you to bleed
Track Name: Sadness in her eyes
I remember how happy she was
Many years ago
What has happened to that girl
The one I used to know

Locked in her tower, looking through a window
At the seas and skies
I see her staring into the distance
With sadness in her eyes

Why the sadness, what went wrong
Is she not aware
Does she see the change within
Behind the distant stare


I climb the tower and enter the room
And see her standing there
She turns around, I see her face
Framed with greying hair
Please talk to me, please confide
I want to heal your pain
Only you can decide
To be happy again


She speaks, I listen,
We talk all through the day
I hope, I pray that the
Sadness goes away
The vacant stare starts to dissolve
That stare of a thousand miles
I look, into her eyes
She looks back and smiles

Track Name: Sing to be free
As I walk through this world
I’m seeing so much poverty
While just across the road
There’s food and drink for all
I see another man
Jailed for wanting liberty
We're doing what I can
But I need help from you all

Sing with all your heart
Shout with all your energy
Wave from the heights
So everyone can see
Break down the walls
Drive out hypocrisy
Shout from your heart
‘til everyone is free

I hear the battle cry
Shouting for equality
But still the bullets fly
And still the poor man falls
I know that we can change
Turn greed to generosity
We just have to be brave
And make them hear our call


Can you hear the child
Crying for his family
You can save her life
But cannot save them all
Let us make a stand
A plea for our humanity
Shout out across the land
And make them hear our call

CHORUS to fade